Work-at-home QA Analysts Using Kunnect

Posted: July 12, 2010 in News & Stories
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I used to operate 3 call centers in the Philippines using Kunnect’s on-demand, hosted call center solution. Being web-based, I realized that I could actually have my QAs use it at home, saving me on computing resources and all the costs that came with operating one seat for each QA.

I paid my QAs the same salary if they worked in the call center but allowed them to work at home using their own PCs and DSL. It also made me hire or promote QAs in the future that only had their own PCs and DSLs at home. Kunnect allowed my QAs to pull the call records of all closed sales, listen to the recordings and even save that particular call recording. After which, the QAs went to non-closed sales records at random. They saved everything in their thumb drive including our own internal QA evaluation forms.

Every Friday, the QAs would report to the center, printout all the forms, upload everything to their Supervisor’s computer and discuss the evaluations they have made for the week. Then, the entire process cycles back until the following Friday.

Kunnect saves 100% of all call recordings in their servers for 30 days using the FIFO method. You can pull these recordings one record at a time (as how the QA-at-home would do it) and, for backup purposes, download everything from Kunnect’s FTP site.

This key feature plus a host of other great ones, including an unbeatable price, makes Kunnect a perfect solution for small and mid-sized call center teams and companies that try to make ends meet with a low-cost, high-productivity operations.

Visit and its global site,, for more information.

  1. Alwin says:

    This is good. I”m just concerned about the turn-around-time for feedback. You indicated that your home-based-QAs report to your office every Friday. I hope critical incidences are reported immediately.

    Having experienced quality monitoring for outbound channels, I am not privy to fraudulent transactions performed only to close a sale. Besides, feedback done within 24 hours will be more effective to agents rather than being coached for something that happened 4-5 days ago as they are unlikely to remember a particular call.

    Otherwise, this is a very good concept. Small companies dealing with outsourced QA alone will greatly benefit your service. Kudos!

    • Thanks, Alwin.

      Home-based QA work best with non-critical programs where the client usually doesn’t give a rat’s ass to QA. However, efficiency of a call center no matter how small dictate conducting QA with all the agents even in the least amount. Increasing the frequency of the home-based QA to report to the center pose no problem; that QA is still processing work at his/her residence using his/her own computer and DSL connection with the web-based solution called Kunnect.

      Home-based agents would be a great next step; unfortunately, Filipinos in general are undisciplined at home or without constant supervision. Hence, productivity may suffer in a home-based agent scenario. But Kunnect is also ready for that, even going to the extent of only paying the home-based agent on the number of calls he/she receives or makes, even up to the number of minutes on a call.



      • Nikki Laurel says:

        Hi Raffy ,

        Good day ,

        This is a good idea , well me and my friends were interested for the home based QA’s . How to apply and when we can get started ? We are qualified for that position since we’ve been QA’s for the past two years, we have PC’s and DSL connection . Your immediate feedback is highly appreciated .



      • Hello Rhen.

        Kunnect provides the cloud-based, web-based technology that allows home-based QA work, just as long as the call center also uses Kunnect as their call center solution technology. That is what happened to some call centers I helped establish and operate, eliminating the need to set up workstations for QA analysts; hence, reducing the cost of employing a QA Analyst. Because Kunnect is web-based, home-based QA analysts can do their work using their personal computers and internet connection by selecting the recorded conversations one at a time without having to pay for an additional subscription or license. However, if the QA analyst needs to listen to “live calls,” that’s when the subscription cost comes in.

        I hope I’ve answered your query correctly. Best regards.


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